Friday, October 22, 2004

So glad it's Friday.

Today was a major meltdown day.

It has finally calmed down somewhat. This morning there were random server problems. Client complaints about our reformatted web site (which I did not reformat, I just get the wonderful calls from pissed off clients and try to calm them down). Miscellaneous individual workstation issues. Citrix problems. Printer problems. And so on.

Therefore, I have a headache.

I had another bad dream last night. A very strange bad dream. When I woke up, I tried to remember it all, but couldn't. My dreams jump around a lot. Kind of like that knew show, "Lost". I remember being on a really big boat. All of these famous people were on the boat to go fishing. It was like a giant head boat. It had escalators on it, and pulled up to an airport to pick up all these famous people so they could go fishing. Strangely, whenever the boat moved, the surrounding moved with it. Almost like we were in a big lake, with really shallow parts and the whole lake and shore moved with the boat.

I got off the boat and was floating around in an tube in this really shallow part. In the shallow part were homes up on stilts. The yards were under about a foot of water, and apparantly this was normal because nobody in the houses seemed alarmed by the water. The yards were separated by concrete block, that seemed to work as locks somehow, because as I floated through the yards the water level would drop or rise. While floating, my clothes kept changing. (Remember, I watch myself from above in all of my dreams) I started out in regular clothes on the boat, then I had a bathing suit. They seemed to change whenever I entered a new yard. And so did the temperature. I guess my clothes were changing to keep me warm or cool.

The last yard I floated into, I got stuck. I stood up and was wearing jeans, a flannel shirt, and boots - the exact same outfit I wore a lot through high school (oh yeah, I was sexy). Suddenly I was surrounded by snakes. I have so many dreams with snakes in it. As always I grabbed one of the snakes. It was green, dark green, and could speak. And it was pissed that I picked it up. All of the other snakes disappeared. I started running with this snake, and I tripped over one of the concrete blocks. I fell and the next yard had gravel in it. I put my hands out to break my fall, and the snake was under my hand, so it got several cuts. It started bleeding and was yelling at me for hurting it. Suddenly, it drew back and bit me as hard as it could on my hand. Over and over it bit me. The whole time I was thinking "At least it isn't a poisonous snake, its head isn't triangular) I ran away from the snake and headed for the boat, presumably for a first aid kit to treat my snake bites.

Now, in between these water filled yards and the boat was a stretch of road from the town I used to live it. So I started walking down the road. Only now the road had a curve in it, and on the outside of a curve were grandstands and a booth. An old man was selling tickets to a tractor pull. All the people there were in yellow raincoats. I was too. I just kept walking toward the boat. I had my first encounter with a famous person. It was Travis Tritt (OK, I saw one of his videos the night before, so that kind of makes sense. I guess) I asked him if he could help me get back to the boat because I had just been bitten by a snake. I showed him my hand which was now all bruised and bloody. He yelled at me to get away. He said he wouldn't help me because he was a famous person and couldn't be bothered by someone like me. I told him that just because he was famous didn't give him the right to be a jerk and told him to fuck off. I started walking toward the boat again, and he followed me apologizing. I looked back and he turned into a kid I went to school with, then back into himself. I ignored him and kept walking and he finally gave up and went back over to all the other people wearing the yellow raincoats.

I made it to the boat and just walked right onto it, like it was ground level. I got on the escalators, and Whitney Houston was coming down and snagged my arm with her fishing pole. I yelled at her and told her to pay attention. She snorted some powder up her nose from her fingers and said she was sorry.

I made it to the top of the escalators, my raincoat was gone, and I turned to the right. I couldnt' see anything it was just dark, and then I woke up.

What the fuck was that? See why I don't do drugs? Imagine what I'd do on an acid trip.

And I always have bad days at work after I have bad dreams.


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