Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Oops. Where are my panties?

Monday I was off work for Columbus Day. I was pretty lazy. I had promised to clean the house, but all I got done was the vacuuming. Not very ambitious, I know.

Earlier in the day, I had been to the doctor for my annual not-so-fun checkup. Then I did some shopping. I had some gift certificates from my birthday to use. I pulled into the parking lot of one of my favorite stores, and was chatting on the phone with Boyfriend, who was still at work. Suddenly I felt an evil burning on the left side of my face. I glanced up and saw psycho-bitch-from-hell staring me down, with youngest daughter in the car with her. Fuck. She must have been off for Columbus Day too.

She slowed WAY down, and tried her hardest to kill me with her evil stare. Youngest daughter was staring straight ahead. I'd like to think she just didn't see me, but I have a feeling she did and was simply smart enough not say "Hey Mom, look who it is!" She pulled into a spot closer to the store, and got out. Boyfriend is right. Her hair is fuzzy. Oh, goodness. I guess I am the evil one.

Anyway, I wasn't quite sure what to do. I surely didn't want a confrontation with her in front of youngest daughter. I didn't think that she would actually say anything to me, given the last time we were face to face at oldest daughter's soccer game, she simply glared and me and marched her plump behind down to the other end of the field. What if youngest daughter DID decide to come up and say hi to me? Of course I would say hi back, and I would be polite and say hello to PBFH too, but I don't know what she would to. Probably just turn and stomp off. Of course, she could deck me too. Accuse me of trying to steal her daughters. Call me a whore. I decided not to take a chance and left.

I went to another store, picked up some odds and ends, my prescription, hair color. Then I went to another store I had a gift certificate for. I found a cute flared corduroy skirt, and a lingerie-type top. Perfect. I happily left with my selections, after paying a penny to the cashier, because my total was exactly 1 cent higher than my gift certificate.

Monday night we decided to go to dinner. There is a little diner that just relocated to our old town, so we thought we'd go check it out. I'm always game for greasy food. Boyfriend took a shower, and I decided to change. I put on my new skirt and knee high boots. He looked suprised when He got out of the shower, but pleased.

We got in the jeep and headed to the diner. I looked over at Him, and He was concentrating on driving. I casually said, "Oh, look, there is a slit in the front of my skirt. Guess, I'll have to watch the way I sit." He glanced down and I opened up my skirt to reveal that Oops! I had *forgotten* to put on any panties. His eyeballs widened and he jerked the wheel. I love when I can get that kind of reaction from Him. He said He was expecting a thong, not that.

We got to the diner and I realized I really would have to watch the way I sat, because the booth's seats were far away from the table, and I was basically sitting on the edge of the seat. Across from me was a man who I KNOW was trying to sneak a peak. I thought of doing the whole Sharon-Stone-in-Basic-Instinct uncrossing and crossing of the legs, but didn't. The worst part was He couldn't reach me under the table if He wanted to. I should have asked Him to sit next to me so He would have something to do while waiting for our dinner.

We finished and He unlocked my door for me, stating that He just wanted to watch me get in. We went to *Our Favorite Bar* to see our group of friends. At the bar He was able to rest his hand high on my thigh and reach over and touch me with no one really noticing. All I could think about was the ride home and Him fingering me on the way.

Finally we left, and as soon as the heat kicked in, His hand pulled my legs apart and He began teasing my clit. I was quiet, except for a deep breath now and then. Every once in a while He would ram a finger in me, and then pull it back out and go back to work on my clit. By the time we got home, I could hardly stand it. We got out of the jeep and He told me to hurry up and feed the dog. I went in to feed her, and He started gathering the garbage as the next day was garbage day.

I stopped Him in the basement, unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned His pants and unzipped Him. I had to have Him in my mouth right then and there. I freed His hard cock and began sucking and licking it. He let me for a while, then pushed me away to finish taking out the garbage. I sulked upstairs and He told me to make his coffee and be ready for Him to fuck the hell out of me after He got back in. I went to the side door to let the dog out and He stopped me by the dining room table, bent me over, dropped His pants and fucked me from behind. Then He stopped and went out to finish with the garbage. I made his coffee and He came back in and led me to the living room. He pushed me down on my knees and bent me over the futon. I don't know how He got His clothes off so fast, I barely had enought time to grab a pillow to put under my belly to protect my belly button ring.

He started fucking me from behind again, at first slowly, then faster, then Oh-my-god-fucking-hard-don't-stop-it-hurts-and-feels-good-all -at-the-same-time. He stopped again and laid down on the floor. He wanted me to sit on Him, but not on my knees. I had to squat over Him and He helped me as I fucked him - lifting me up and down, up and down. Probably would have been really good exercise but I was a bit sore from my doctor appointment. He said that it was ok, but I started to cry anyway. I hate when there is something wrong with me that ruins the moment. He told me not to cry because He was going to let me suck Him off. Truth be told, I would have probably been fine on my back, or on my hands and knees but I could tell that was what He wanted.

He sat down in the recliner and I sucked and licked and stroked him. He likes when I rub my lips along the bottom of his shaft. It took a while for Him to cum, which had me worried that I was doing something wrong. I am hoping that it had more to do with Him being tired and having a few beers. If not, I wish He would tell me what I was doing wrong. But He did cum, and it was all over my hand and face, which I know He likes.

Next time I wear that skirt, I'm going to be ready for a full-fledged fucking. I wanted it bad. Damn doctor...


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