Friday, October 15, 2004

More Randomness...

*Note - I'm sick of saying Boyfriend, because that sounds so juvenile, so from here on out when I refer to Him I will refer to Him as R. - End Note*

I'm back in black.

OK. Burgundy Black. R wanted me to dye my hair black. Jet black. I have never gone completely black before. I was a bit hesitant. I found a Blue Black but that still made me nervous. So I picked out Burgundy Black. I think it looks pretty sweet. My whiny friend J did it for me Wednesday night. Then she put my hair in these rollers and it actually looked pretty cool. But that is something I never do.
She says that if I go any darker I will look too goth. Actually, she said "gawth". After she pronounced it that way I wanted to ask her if she knew what goth meant, but I let it go. We went up to *Our Favorite Bar* and everybody looked pretty shocked when I walked in. R said He was gonna get some strange that night. :) Yesterday I decided to cut bangs like I used to have. I look much younger. I'm sure J will have something to say about that too, after her going into great detail about how I should cut my hair in layers and not get bangs that short and blah, blah, blah.

She seemed kind of quizzical of the way R talks to me. We were all eating dinner and He wanted another meatball sandwich so He got up and made Himself one. I told Him He should have said something and I would have gotten it for Him. He said I should have known He wanted one and just got it for Him. Which I would have had He been eating in the same room as J and I but He was in the living room watching Deliverance. Then He smiled at me. J looked at me kind of funny and gave him the stink eye. She said that one time S told her "Go get me a beer, bitch!" in front of all of his hunting buddies. Apparantly she shot him a nasty look and he supposedly apologized, went and got his own beer and then asked if she wanted one. She said she was like "That's right! Don't ever talk to me that way." She also said a few more things that led me to believe that she in no way would let a man control her at all, and got the raised-eybrow look from R. I don't know if he caught me glancing at Him, but I was thinking, hello, this is why her relationships keep failing. They've been together on and off for several years now, and she was whining to me about how she gave him an ultimatum to marry her and if he will marry her she will only have 1 child instead of 2 like she really wants. The fact that he is divorced with 2 half grown children and has no desire to go down the baby route agin doesn't matter to her at all. Or that she had to give him an ultimatum to marry her. Or that he still hasn't said he would.

Yeah, that's gonna work.

Anyway, I am in a really bad mood today. Sometimes the Boss Woman here just rubs me the wrong way and today is one of those days. Also, one of the snot managers around here pissed me off. I think it bugs her that she really doesn't have any control over me, and I don't kiss her ass like everyone else does. I feel like she has it out for me. I just really don't like it here sometimes, and this is one of those times. But the truth is, I'm just not an ass-kisser. I don't care how much money you make, or what kind of car you drive, or how fake your tan is, or who you are married to. You are not better than me. And having all that does not give you the right to be rude and look down on your "subordinates". Or not give them a chance to sign the card for Boss's day. That'll make me look really good that my name is the only one in the office not on there. Bitch.

I should be in a better mood though, it's Friday, payday, and R sent me a pajama gram for Sweetest Day. He's not really into *fake* holidays like this, so I thought it was really sweet. And they have Midori now at *Our Favorite Bar*. I love Midori. I think I'll have one or two or three tonight...



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