Friday, September 03, 2004

Random thoughts of the day.

How may times a day do you say "have a nice day" to someone? How often is it said to you? Does anyone really mean it? I mean, when was the last time you said that to someone and sincerely hoped that that person had a nice day? You probably never thought about that person again. I thought about this today as I went through the drive-thru at lunch. The young man at the window, whose tag said "Kris - shift manager", told me to have a nice day. I smiled and said "you too." Then, as I drove away, I thought about how many times a day he must say that. Just to be polite. Because that's what we're taught, be polite. I wondered if he really cared at all if I had a nice day, or if he cared if any of the other people he said it to had a nice day. Then I wondered if he would have a nice day. And now that I think about it again, I hope he did.

I passed a sign today. These things are popping up all around town. Nobody knows who is doing it. It was even in the newspaper. They are green signs that say "Are you living your dream? (Think about it)". I wonder who is doing this? I wonder if it is a church group, trying to recruit others. Trying to say that our dream should be to live for God. I wonder if it is a person, or group of people, who have found that inner-happiness that some people talk about, and say they have found, and they want the same thing for everyone else in the world. Maybe they are the type of people that tell us to have a nice day and really mean it. Or maybe it is just some kid who printed these things up on his computer printer just to see what kind of reaction he would get? But it made me think. Am I living my dream? Do I even have a dream? Can it be a purely fantastical dream? One that will never ever happen? Or is it supposed to be something meaningful? Can it be something simple, and even though bigger things will happen in your life, that one little thing can be your dream, because makes you feel satisified and loved and fulfilled?

It's Friday, a long weekend ahead of us.

I hope you all have a nice day.



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