Friday, August 27, 2004

Wounded Heart

She lies down on the bed. She can hear the ceiling fan as it spins above. Tears are flowing endlessly from her sad eyes. Her heart pounds fast in her chest. A feeling of panic sets in. It is getting hard to breathe. She closes her eyes. This isn't real, she thinks, desperately. It is just a bad dream, and as soon she wakes up he will be there with her, his strong arms around her. She opens her eyes. Panic flows through her body once more. How could he just turn and walk away? Is he going to come back? Will it ever be the same as it was? She wipes the tears from her flushed cheeks, willing herself to stop crying. She is alone again. Even though he promised. Why did she allow herself to trust again? She swore the last time that she wouldn't let herself fall into that trap with anybody else, ever again. Yet somehow, he managed to break through her wall. He managed to win her trust. But now, it is shattered.

She has been abandoned.

Her biggest fear has come to life once more.


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