Monday, August 16, 2004

I Never Said "I Told You So"

Boyfriend was bent on taking the bike out yesterday. We hadn't ridden since we got back from Indy, so I could undertand. He was outside washing the bike when I woke up bright and early at 11:00. (Did I ever mention I have a slight sleeping disorder? I could sleep my life away.) I stumbled outside in my robe after throwing in a load of laundry, and heard "...with a slight change of showers this afternoon..." on the radio in the garage.

Boyfriend says "Isn't it nice out? We're taking the bike out today."

"Um, ok, but didn't they just say a chance of rain this afternoon?"

"Only a slight chance of showers, it won't rain."

Famous last words. We took a shower and had a nice quickie and got ready to go. I grabbed my sweatshirt ("It's so nice out - why do you need that?") and suggested the rain gear, which he did decide to stash in the saddlebags.

So we ran out to my mom and dad's shop for a little bit. Little bit of sun, mostly not-very-nice-looking dark clouds. After we left, we were on our way into town to get a card and gift certificate for his dad's birthday (last week - talk about me forgetting stuff. Anyway.). After we turned off the highway, he debated about stopping to get our leathers because it was cool. I told him I had my sweatshirt and would be fine. He said he just wondered if he would get cold. (The same guy that asked why I was bringing my sweatshirt in the first place.) He decided against it. We made a pit stop at a local biker bar, and then headed for town. Still dark clouds, a little closer this time.

Made it to the store, picked up some pop, shampoo, and a card, strapped it to to the bike and headed to the restaurant for the gift certificate. Dark clouds, a little closer still. I went in to pee while he was getting the gift certificate, and came out to a beer setting on the bar for me. OK then. We sat and had a beer and off we headed to his dad's. Well, we made it out the front door. The not-very-nice-looking dark clouds were now directly overhead, and they were letting loose. We waited for a few minutes, debated eating at the restaurant, it let up, and he decided (after drying all the little waterspots off of his bike) to head for his dad's.

We made it about a 1/2 mile up the road when it started again. He turned around and pulled into a car dealership up under the over hang. "Now what to we do?" He asked.

Um, how about put on the rain gear.

Yeah. So we put on the jackets, and he called his dad to tell him we were stuck in town waiting for the rain to let up. His dad told him to not come over on the bike now, it was coming down in buckets at his house. So we waited again. It let up a little, and we (he) decided to head for home to get the truck. This time we made it a few more miles back the other way, when it started coming down again. We decided to stop and eat at this little mexican place, and it sprinkled while we were eating. Once we finished, it decided to downpour. We were waiting out side, and slowed a little he went to the bike to get the rain pants. At this point, I was laughing. He just kept asking "Now what do we do?" I'm sure he was just waiting for me to get mad.

So we're standing there outside the restaurant, under a small overhang, trying to get our rain pants over our boots and I'm just cracking up. It was comical. Two wet bikers trying to stay out of the rain putting on black rain pants in the front of the restaurant. He asked what I was laughing at. I guess it was a combination of me picturing what other people driving by were seeing and the fact that I'd had a few drinks, but it was just funny to me. I guess he thought I was laughing at him, but I wasn't, I was just laughing at the situation. Although he did look kind of silly trying to get those pants on over his boots, and after I got mine on he says "Oh, the legs unzip?"

We got all geared up and headed home. Of course, about halfway home, the sun came out and it was nice again. We never did leave to go back to his dad's. We started to watch the race that we had taped, and I fell asleep.

I'm serious about the whole sleep disorder thing. I must've only been awake for about 8 hours yesterday. How on earth could I have been tired???


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