Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Strange Dream. Again.

I had another messed up dream the other night.  I was quitting my job to go back to my old job.  All the people in my dream were people I really work with, but I have no idea what kind of business we were running.  We all had computers with dual monitors like we do now, but half of them were outside – and I swear it was the front yard of my parents’ old house. 

I remember as soon as I told my boss I was quitting, she starting delegating my daily tasks to everyone.  The girl I work with that just got married in real life came over and took my computer.  She said she was taking over for me and needed to get my computer set up for her but didn’t know how to do it.  So I don’t know how she was going to do my job.  I told her I wanted to get some files off of it first, but for some reason I never got too.  I told her I would set up the computer for her, but I couldn’t because I was quitting, and if I wasn’t quitting she wouldn’t need the computer. 

Another girl was running around watering plants. I guess that was part of my job too.  I wish I could draw because explaining this is hard.  Like I said, the front yard felt like it was at my parents’ house, only bigger.  But the desks that were outside were covered with concrete, like a sidewalk on pillars and they twisted all over the yard covering these randomly scattered workspaces.  The plants were on top of the concrete, and then there were little roofs over top of the plants.  And all of the plants were weird looking, like they were from the rain forest or something.  I guess that’s why they needed the little roofs over them.

I had to leave for the day, it was a Friday, and come back on Monday to get all my stuff.  So I came back with the boyfriend, and the whole time I kept saying “I think I’m making a mistake, I don’t even know how much they are going to pay me.”  We walked inside the building (apparently my old desk was right outside the front door) and we walked into this creepy huge storage room to get my stuff.  There were drawers on the wall to the left, like the kind they have in the morgue in movies.  All my stuff was in these drawers.  To the right were a really huge washer and dryer.  All my clothes were there.  The boyfriend’s clothes were there too.  It was really odd. 

Then we were leaving, and we walked past this room, and there were all these carp on the floor and they were all really bright orange.  I remember feeling sad for them because they weren’t in water and they were dying because they couldn’t breathe.  We made it back outside, I said bye to my boss, and we got into this really old truck that was parked along a concrete wall and left.  I started again about how I thought I was making a mistake because I didn’t know how much I was going to get paid, and I didn’t like working there before. And I was worried because I didn’t get my files off of my computer, but then I remembered the girl didn’t know how to set it up anyway.

What the hell is that supposed to mean?


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