Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Hey everybody, look at me...

I am gimpy. Apparantly I have tendonitis ,which I thought was something only old people got. It hurts, I know that. I have to wear this stupid brace on my wrist that makes it rather difficult to type. And I get to use the mouse with my left hand. And everyone keeps asking me, "What'd you do?" At least it isn't broken, as I originally thought. I can take this thing off to shower. Casts suck.

I'm not going to be an aunt anymore. At least not for now. SIL had a miscarriage. Well, kind of. I don't really understand. It is dead, but still inside her, which seems kind of creepy to me. If she doesn't pass it withing a few days, they'll have to remove it. I called my brother and he sounded rather sad. I heard his voice break when he said goodbye. I cried because I made him cry. But, as cold-hearted as this may sound, it happened for a reason. At least that is what I believe. It all works out how it's supposed to, whether you like it or not.

I wish I had something good to think about. I'm trying to come up with something. Um. Let's see. We got rid of the old ugly refrigerator that was in our basement. So now we can rearrange our basement. We are supposed to get rocks this weekend to complete my little rock garden in the back yard. (Thank you R, for tolerating my silly ideas.) Um. Gas is still under $3 per gallon...for now.

Yeah. That's about all I got.



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