Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Tiddie Bitties...

R has scolded me for not blogging. I'm sorry. I can't blog at work and once I am home I lose the mood. Maybe if my computer was upstairs *ahem* instead of in the icky basement...

So all you are getting today is a few tid bits of stuff in my head.


We did a scene Sunday night which involved a cat-of-nines, a video camera, and battery operated, um, utensils. It didn't go how I pictured in my mind. I was a bit disappointed. Not physically, but emotionally. Something was off. Maybe I'm just off. There hasn't been much, shall we say, "domming" going on lately. I don't really like to be let loose for so long. I need the direction. Otherwise I get lost. I felt kind of separated afterwards. Guess it just didn't end the way I wanted it to. But that happens, I suppose. Try, try again.


I heard about this site on the news that lets married people place personal ads for other married people. A cheating-spouses-personals site. R and I were printing some vacation pictures last night, and while we were waiting I was poking around the net and stumbled onto it. Next thing you know, I am creating an account to see if we can find anyone we know on there. It was a bit disappointing, the people on there are VERY dicreet. I suppose if yuo are a cheating spouse you have to be. I wouldn't know.

When you sign up, you have to provide an email address. So I created a yahoo address and today had over 10 people email me. My god. I posted no picture, just my age and different, um, interests. I didn't lie about any of it, except for the fact that I am doing all that stuff WITH MY HUSBAND and not someone else's.

You can chat with these people. While I was on, three people tried to contact me. I don't understand. I had been logged on less than 1 hour, and there they were. Can their lives be that miserable? Do they just like the not-quite-cheating they can do via the internet? One guy even gave me his phone number. His phone number! So I can call and we can "meet for drinks or more."

Um, hold on. Lemme go as my husband. Yikes!

I don't think my account will remain active for much longer.


Saturday is our reception. I suppose it will be fun, but something is sure to go wrong. Like, for instance, the fact that my family will be there. OH! Did I say that? I mean, I love my family, but they are so completely opposite of me, and our friends, who make up most of the guest list. I cannot be myself in front of my family. They are much too judgmental. R does not understand this and thinks I should just do what I normally do and act how I normally act.

Meaning he thinks that if I want to drink I should drink, but HELLO, my mom doesn't drink and only the spawns of Satan drink alcohol and OH MY GOD SMOKE CIGARETTES! How can you look at yourself in the morning knowing what you do? I don't care how old you are! I will continue to make you feel like an irresponsible 14 year old until THE DAY I DIE.

And that's just my mom. My brother is a whole different story. At 25, he's still all about "Mom, do you know what my sister did?" Seriously.

And next thing you know I'm crying and feeling like a huge disappointment and wanting to run away and hide under a rock until they all are far, far away from me.

Yeah. Should be fun.


Blogger evilsciencechick said...

Girl, you are an adult and you're married.

Do tequila shots out of your husband's lap, if you want. Ignore your mother.

And if she won't treat you like a grown up, act like a kid. If she starts in on your drinking, smoking, etc, stick your fingers in your ears and LALALALALALA I CAN'T HEAR YOU! LALALALALALALA!!!!

Have fun!

1:29 PM  

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