Thursday, September 01, 2005

Piss and moan...

Well. Don't have much to say lately. At least not anything fun.

Gas prices. Yeah. They suck. Can't really say much about it that someone hasn't already said. Just that I'll be staying home a lot more than I want to, and that I really wish now that I hadn't sold my GZ250. That little bike got phenomenal mileage. Oh well. Hindsight...

Katrina. Isn't that a bitchy sounding name? (Apologies to anyone really named Katrina - but I bet you were a cheerleader and would not have been nice to me if we went to high school together.) It's just all horrible. And what about all the countries coming to our rescue? Oh. That's right. They aren't. Course, we're not really well liked around the world, now are we? Who would want to help us?

I can't really understand the logic in rebuilding that area. I mean, yeah, it was a cool city and I never got to go to Mardi Gras and I really want to, but honestly. Does it make sense to chance it again? Guess it's like all those people living in California. "It won't fall in the ocean. Earthquake smearthquake. Put my mansion right there near that fault line."

Trojan.dialer. I have one. It has been on my machine for months. AVG finds it. It cleans it. It comes back. It causes Internet Explorer to hang (I know, I know. I use Mozilla, but there are still a few things Mozilla doesn't support - like all the hurricane footage videos from It runs all these porn sites in the background. You can't actually see them. You just see them pop up in task manager, and once you close them (about 12 in all) IE is fine. Until the next time you open it. So pissing me off.

Z-dog's tumor seems to be getting bigger. She's not acting any different though, other than her limp. She's still eating and playing and barking and drinking and pooping and barking and pooping. Pretty much in that order. Still wags her butt at us. Still brings us her slobbery toys. The wait for the inevitable continues...sigh

Summer is almost over. This sucks. I'm so not ready for another winter. Not at all. Not ready to buy Christmas presents. Not ready for snow and ice and slush and how it turns all brown and crappy from it snowing then melting a little then getting plowed over to the ditches. Ugh. And fall generally sucks around here. A few weeks of 50 degree weather, then - HELLO - it's now 30 degrees. On Halloween.

Anything good happening lately? Seems like there isn't. Maybe R can smack my ass tonight for being so negative. Something to make me feel better.

That would be fun.


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