Thursday, September 15, 2005

Today is better...

Yesterday was a total cluster fuck of a day. I felt like I couldn't get anything right. People were coming to be with brand new problems that I had no experience with and no idea where to even start to try to solve them.

I HATE days like that. They give me headaches.

Today I feel better, having passed the buck on a few of the problems. Not intentionally just to be lazy, but because I truly have no idea how to figure out the problems. Time to wait for tech support to give me a clue. And you know how quickly tech support personnel respond to help requests. Yeah. I should have an answer for my clients by Friday. In October. Of 2006.

So I spent yesterday feeling fairly useless, which, in turn, made me a little insecure, which in turn ruined what could have been a really fun evening involving R, a game called Intimate Commands, and some cold beverages. Oh well, at least he got a lap dance out of it before it all went downhill.

Tonight is a date night! Which should be fun. That must be the explanation as to why I could be in such a good mood today after such a crappy hump day. We're trying out steaks from a place we've not had them before. But it gets raving reviews from our fellow steak eaters, so I am not afraid. Bring on the steak and beer. Or steak and Jack and coke. Guess I have a decision to make...

Now the question is, will R want me to wear a skirt, or will we take the bike? Cuz I don't do both. Well once, for the wedding, but that was just in the campground. And I didn't care if they saw up my skirt. I think there are laws against that here. You know, showing your hoo-ha in public is bad, or something. Anyway, it's a tough decision for Him because He really likes to ride and it's getting late in the year, but He also really likes to put His hand up my skirt at dinner. Hmmmm...wonder which it will be tonight?


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