Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Welcome Back Sturgis Riders...

I'm back. I'm now Mrs. R.

Here are some things I learned on our vacation/wedding/honeymoon trip.

1. Sturgis is really, really cool.
2. There are lots of boobies to look at.
3. I like to say husband. It makes me all giggly. Husband. Husband. Husband. Husband. tee hee hee.
4. Consumating a marriage outside between two RV's in a home made wooden camp chair at 3 in the morning can cause severe mental anguish to those who catch you in the act. Sorry 'bout that.
5. Do not touch your leg to the tailpipe of a Harley that has just been shut off. When you are wearing shorts. ouch
6. If your bike breaks down, you can still have lots of fun.
7. Jack Daniels is good.
8. Deadwood is almost as cool looking as it is on the show.
9. Bear Butte is not pronounced Bear Butt.
10. Playing in the Pecker Pond can get you a really cool prize. (I've always wanted a silver bullet)
11. The mechanical bull will bruise your legs even if they go really, really slow because you took your top off.

I'm sure there are more, but I forget now.

More details to come. Hopefully. By now you all know I'm not so good at following up with a story.

Like the sex club story. Ooooooooooooooh....What did happen....Stay tuned...

I may have time this weekend.


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congrats, Mrs R :)

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