Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Things I love about R...

I haven't finished this yet because I keep getting interrupted. Damn job anyway. So I'm putting up what I have done anyway instead of leaving it as a draft and will finish it when people leave me alone.


1. He calls me baby. I feel so little and precious when He says that.
2. His hair. He likes it cut really short, and there is just a little bit of grey on the sides. Very sexy.
3. His neck. He has one of those thick necks, like a football player or wrestler and it just looks HOT and I want to kiss it.
4. They way He cups my breasts in His hands when we are lying in bed spooning. He says it's a perfect fit.
5. He's not jealous.
6. He trusts me with his/our male friends.
7. He says we don't kiss enough.
8. Which brings me to His lips. He has full, firm, very kissable lips, and his mustache and goatee are just a LITTLE scratchy in a good way.
9. His hands. When he touches me with His strong, manly, working hands I feel so safe. Simply resting His hand on my back when I am sitting next to Him can relax me.
10. He plays with my hair. At home, in public, He doesn't care if anyone sees.
11. He likes to show me off.
12. He kills icky eight-legged creatures for me.
13. He will go grocery shopping with me.
14. He likes decorating for Christmas.
15. He loves my dog. Even when she slobbers or brings mud in the house. Maybe not as much when she jumps up on the bed.
16. He took my cat to the vet when she needed to be put down. And He buried my other cat when he died. Even though He doesn't like cats. (Maybe He wanted to be sure they were really gone? :))
17. He buys me clothes that He likes and then picks out what I am wearing. He will have me try on my skirts, so I can bend over in front of Him to help Him decide which one He wants me to wear.
18. He makes me feel pretty.
19. He doesn't like me to fall asleep unless I am lying close to Him with His arms around me and my head resting on Him.
20. He likes reality TV shows. He really gets into Survivor.
21. He loves NASCAR.
22. And football. I'd never heard anyone yell "Go Baby Go" at the TV so much. It's kinda funny.
23. He thinks the woman should do all the housework and cleaning, but He does it a lot anyway.
24. He wants me to call Him on my way to work, even if I don't have anything to say. I feel like I bother Him, but if I don't call He calls me at work to see if everything is OK.
25. He clicks with me. We say things at the same time when talking to other people. It's just weird.
26. He tries really hard to understand me and all my quirks. The only time He really doesn't get me is when I'm being selfish - moody - pms-y girl.
27. He is nice to my family. Even my mother.
28. He lets me ride His FatBoy.
29. He finally admits that it is kinda hot that I can ride.
30. He always includes me. Never seems to crave a "guys night out”.
31. He says that one of these days we are going to a strip club and He is buying me a lap dance.
32. He lets me have “girls night out” and insists I take pictures and tell Him lots of stories about us dancing and kissing and whatever else we do.
33. He gets all hot and bothered when I kiss other girls.
34. He sits in the bar when I am working, even if it is dead and He could think of a million other things to do. Like get to sleep before 3:30.
35. He gets this "you better not even think about it” look on his face when other guys flirt too much or want to dance with me a little too close.
36. He gets noticeably possessive if someone makes me uncomfortable.
37. He likes to do dirty things to me that nobody sees while we are amongst friends.
38. He knows exactly where on the back of my neck to kiss me.
39. He has a really nice butt. A lot of guys I know don’t have this feature. He definitely does.
40. He taught me to be comfortable with being naked and eventually to prefer being naked.
41. He taught me to enjoy giving blow jobs. I know I don’t do it as often as He wishes, but I am still working on that whole “being the aggressor” when it comes to sex and all that. It’s just not my nature. Just push my head down, babe. As long as it’s not 3 AM on a work night after we’ve been out, I’ll be happy to oblige.
42. His cock. It’s just perfect. Perfect. Perfect. Perfect.
43. The way he looks when we are having sex.
44. They way he likes to watch Himself fuck me. I don’t know why but that turns me on. It just the look on His face looking at His cock penetrating me, and me knowing that that is turning Him on, and then He’ll look at me - it’s just good.
45. He likes to sit on the deck, with a fire in the fire pit, and cold beer, just talking. To me.
46. He likes to hug me.
47. He enjoys being at home with me, instead of constantly being out somewhere, anywhere, among others.
48. I have to sit next to Him on the couch. No sitting across the room.
49. I have to sit next to Him in the truck.
50. I cannot get off the phone without saying “I love you, too”. He always beats me to it and says it first.
51. How He followed me home the first time. He was behind me in His truck, and called me to see if it was ok to stop at my house. He pulled in and we were both so nervous. He kissed me. Then He left.
52. How He would sit on the porch at my house with me when we first started seeing each other. We’d just sit and listen to music (love that 60 disc cd changer) and talk until all hours of the night.
53. He wasn’t pushy with me when we started seeing each other. He understood how I was still trying to sort things out in my head and afraid of another relationship.
54. He wants to take care of me.
55. He tries really really hard not to lose His patience with me. I can be very trying.
56. He is a hard worker.
57. He rarely complains about work. Unlike me...
58. He gets a really nice tan in the summer from working outside. With His light hair He is just gorgeous.
59. He just smiles when my friends tell Him what a perfect man He is.
60. He just smiles more when our friends tell us what a great couple we are. And that they never see us mad at each other. (Oh it does happen - we are not perfect - we just keep it private.)


Blogger evilsciencechick said...

:) nice. I like the stuff about his neck. I feel the same way about Kev's. There's just something about his neck that makes me want to kiss him there. And nibble. and bite. I am definately part vampire!

happy thankgiving!

5:29 PM  
Blogger j said...

Oh yeah, it's awesome.

Happy Turkey Day to you too!

7:08 PM  

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