Monday, November 22, 2004

My Weekend

So my weekend was fairly normal. Not long enough, and not relaxing enough.

Friday night we went to the mall so R could pick out a skirt for me to wear to work Saturday. We actually found three that He liked, but I couldn't find any tops to go with them. I think trying on all those skirts and seeing my now pale-getting-flabby-in-the-winter legs put me in a ugly-fat-don't-look-at-me self conscious mood. And of course I then had to feel sorry for myself, proceed to cry silently in the dark truck after we left, only to be asked "What's bothering you" and stupidly replying "I'm ugly and you don't like me anymore."

After a brief discussion it was determined that I am indeed not ugly, or fat, and He does indeed still like me. I don't know why I get like that. My period is over, my hormones should be back to normal, right?

That night I got a buzz on, and slept in late on Saturday. R, ever the early bird, was puttering around the house long before I woke up. As a matter of fact, He came in to wake me to see if I was going with Him to pick up His daughter, run a few errands and go to the Harley store. I was not fully awake and sleepily decided I didn't want to drive all the way to *City up North* with Him and His daughter as I already had a headache. However, I misunderstood Him and thought we were going to go to the Harley store after He got back and then pouted, felt sorry for myself, and called Him on the phone telling Him He didn't tell me that's what He was doing. He said to get in the shower and He would come back and get me, but that was stupid so I just cried some more and told Him to forget it and felt jealous because I never seem to get enough time to spend with JUST him. He should have beat my ass for acting like that when He got home, but He didn't. I wish He would have.

Saturday evening He took me to work. I really didn't feel like working that night. We had good sex before he took me, but that just left me horny and frustrated all night.

NY's mom and dad are up here now that he bought the place, and in typical Italian fashion, are already beginning to boss people around and talk about changes. Which irritates me. But since I didn't have the money to buy the place and do what I want with it, I guess I just have to suck it up. NY's mom and I are going to have issues I think. Unfair, perhaps, because she reminds me of ex-MIL. Whom I loathed.

However, she did compliment me on the extraction of 3 drunk customers that night. 2 drunk guys and a girl walk into the bar. (No this is not the beginning of a bad joke). I knew one of the guys, JV, from school. Before he quit school, that is. He has been thrown out of the bar by the 2 previous owners, and must have figured he'd try again now that there is a new owner. The girl is his wife or girlfriend, and she just had their baby a few months ago. 3rd guy was unknown. They sat down at a table after ordering three beers and proceeded to get louder and louder with their arguing. Baby mama was upset about something and JV was just staring at her like a fool. Baby mama finally got up and walked out the door. The other two just sat there.

I looked at R and said "I am about 2 seconds from asking them to leave. I never should have let them come in in the first place."

He told me to give it just a few more minutes. Immediately after that, Baby mama slammed through the doors, walked up to JV, screamed something at him, picked up his beer, dumped it all over him and stormed back out. Everyone sat there stunned. Except me. I came out from behind the bar walked up behind JV.

"Get her the hell out of here, and you get out too."

He just turned around and looked at me then looked down at his shirt. Sorry mo-fo. I ain't washin' your shirt for ya.

"JV. Get. Out."

He turned at looked at me again. Now mind you, this guy is about as tall as me when he is sitting in a chair. I had a brief twinge of fear that he might hit me. Very brief.


He got up, and so did his friend. I think his friend actually said "sorry" or somthing but I couldn't hear him. JV got to the doorway, took of his shirt, and turned around to say something.

"Bye JV. Bye. Don't say anything. Just get the fuck out." I wasn't going to let the retard say a word.

Everyone was staring at me. The little girl in boots and a mini skirt just kicked out the biggest bastard in the joint. Yeah, that was cool. I'm lucky he didn't hit me. Even though R and some other guys were in there, one hit from him could probably land me in the hospital.

So that was the highlight of the night. That and the twenty 20-somethings that came in a little after one. Carding a bunch of bleary-eyed kids at one in the morning while they're shouting for Jager Bombs and Cherry Bombs is not fun.

Soon it was over. Time to go home and have more sex.

The next day kinda sucked too. I was out of my ugly-fat stage and now into an I'm-mad-becase-I-have-to-go-to-my-family's-and-you-get-to-stay-home-and-watch-the-race mood. I had to go give my grandma a perm. (It's great being a jack of all trades, master of none. I get to do everything for my family that they would normally have to pay a bunch of money for) However, I was using my brothers skills as well, because while I was doing that, he did some work on R's truck.

I finally got home around 3:30. R was on the roof hanging Christmas lights. We got them all done last night. All around the shrubs and railing. They look pretty.

Then we ordered some pizza, watched Survivor, Blue Collar Comedy, and something else we had recorded. Pulled out the futon. R's neck hurt. Neck rub turned into neck kissing, then earlobe sucking, then deep kissing, then get-your-clothes-off-now sex. Spooey in my eye. (ouch) Too tired to go to bed, we slept next to each other under a really little blanket on the futon until two in the morning. More cuddling and breast fondling after two when we finally made it to the bedroom.


Why can't every night be like that?


Blogger evilsciencechick said...

ew! in your eye? bleck.

good for you, tough girl! you're gonna get a rep now. Don't mess with her, man! she'll fuck you UP!

3:08 PM  
Blogger j said...

Oh yeah. I hate in the eye. I had it closed. Still burns.

4:31 PM  

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