Thursday, November 18, 2004

The Enforcer has Arrived

I got spanked last night. For the first time ever when it wasn't part of "playtime".

Last night we went Christmas shopping. As we were walking through the store, R looked back at me and said, "Oh, you are in so much trouble when we get home."

At first I didn't realize why He had said that. Then I remembered that I didn't have my collar on. I didn't put it on when I got home from work. Just forgetful, I didn't mean anything bad by not putting it on.

We finished our shopping and stopped in at *Our Favorite Bar* for a drink. KT was working and we had and interesting discussion about sex and her inability to have multiple orgasms. She was taught when she was little that masturbating was bad and if she touched herself, she would go to Hell. She said she did touch herself once when she was younger while taking a bath, and immediately was disgusted with herself and never did it again. She says her boyfriend probably knows more about her body and sensitive spots then she does.

Poor thing.

We left, and I chattered on the way home as I usually do after stopping in there. When we got home, we both got ready for bed. I came out of the bathroom and he was already in the bedroom. I went to the kitchen for a cigarette, and he yelled "Don't light that!" down the hallway.

"Too late," I said.

"Well then put it out."

I turned to look for an ashtray and He said "Just come in here."

So I did, and He said "Put that down."

I put the cigarette in the ashtray on the dresser. He sat down on the foot of the bed. He was still fully clothed. I thought He was going to push me down to my knees to give Him a blow job. Instead, He quickly reached up, laid me across his lap, and spanked my naked bottom several times. Hard.

"Are you ever going to leave this house, other than for work, without your collar again?"


Smack! Smack!

"Are you going to wear it anytime you are at home?"



"What are you going to do?"

"I promise I will always wear my collar!"

"Do I need to spank you anymore tonight?"


"Are you sure you understand?"


"Now get up and smoke your cigarette. Sit next to me while you smoke it."

So I got up, and sat next to Him and smoked my cigarette. He was very quiet. He gently rubbed my back and pulled me close to Him.

"You know I love you."

"Yes, I love you too."

He said something else, I don't know, maybe asking me if I was ok with what just happened. I was in this weird, almost trance-like state. I just felt so calm. I remember wanting to smile. It was an odd, safe, comfortable feeling. I have struggled with wanting Him to control me. I think we both have. I think He was unsure that it was something I really wanted Him to do, and He didn't want to force me. There would be talk of discipline when I did something wrong, but it never went much farther than that. I think maybe we were both feeling each other out. Neither one of us wanted to do something that the other would not be comfortable with, but I think we both wanted it. I have tested Him, to see. I started think that perhaps He was not as dominant as I desired Him to be. But He was just making sure.

The night before, I behaved childishly. I did something He had asked me not to do. I apologized and tried to explain myself. Instead, I was given the silent treatment. I HATE the silent treatment. Just tell me what is wrong, what I need to do to fix it, and let's move on! But no, He continued to be silent, I continued to seeth. This was NOT what I wanted. We got to where we were going and He got out of the truck. I told Him I would wait in the truck. Instead of saying, "No you're not," or "Get out of the truck," or something like that, He jumped back in the truck and took us home, where He continued to ignore me. I was crushed. Why was He letting me do this?

The next day, in a text message, He told me that no longer would he allow for me to behave that way, and I should have come downstairs last night to kneel beside Him, and I should have been spanked. I was a little upset, and figured He knew that and that is why he told me that, because He knows I like to hear Him say things like that. I have to say that I didn't honestly think He felt that way, that He didn't really want to spank me (other than during sex or "playtime"), or tell me to get out of the truck, or anything like that.

After I didn't wear my collar, and He didn't let me get away with it, I felt better. I can't explain why, just that I felt so controlled and calm and like nothing could touch me because He was going to look after me. Kind of like when I snuggle up next to Him and breathe in His scent and suddenly all of my worries are out of my head, and I just feel safe. I wish I could stay that way all the time.

He stopped rubbing my back and told me to put out my cigarette. He had undressed, and was clearly aroused. I stood up and faced Him and He gently pushed me to my knees. I began to suck Him, and He moaned with pleasure. After a bit, He pulled me up and put me on my back on the bed. He entered me gently and made love to me. There was no agressive fucking, just pleasant, vanilla intercourse. He did call me His little slut while I was on top of Him, but He knows I like to hear that and it makes me cum. But it was all just sweet and loving and nice. Again, He probably didn't want to push me. Too much aggression probably would have made me feel uneasy. He knew that and He was wonderful. And He came on my face and my hair which I also like.

When we were finished, He pulled me to Him so that we were spooning, but I soon turned over to bury my face in His chest. I breathed in His scent and went to sleep.

I felt so safe and warm.


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Sounds to me like he's the man with the plan, and that it suits you quite nicely.


Enjoy, m'dear ....


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