Thursday, July 22, 2004


Anybody there?         
I don’t think a whole lot of people read my blog.  And that’s ok.  Sometimes I find myself censoring what I write.  I don’t lie, I just kind of leave some things out.  I guess it is out of fear that someone I know will find it.  But I guess as long as I am honest, I shouldn’t worry about it.
Bad Dog
I almost yelled at the dog last night when I shouldn’t have.  I walked into the kitchen to find a BIG puddle on the linoleum.  She just came in!  What the hell?  Wait a minute…that’s water…from the dishwasher.  Great!  That will match the leak from the shower!  The one that made the ceiling in the garage black. I love owning a home.
Dum dum da dum…
I have a wedding to go to on Saturday.  Which means I have to wear a dress.  Which means I can’t wear my boots.  Which means I will probably trip or fall off my heel at least 5 times during the night and people will look at me like I am a moron. Probably more as the night goes on. I’m so not girly when it comes to clothing and shoes. I’d much rather sit in my jeans and skechers than an uncomfortable dress and painful shoes. But I’ll look good, dammit.
Sandy Beaches.
We are supposed to go on vacation this winter to Cancun. I can’t wait. I’ve never been anywhere like that before, and I haven’t been to a beach in probably 8 years.  I love the ocean. And I don’t want to rush into winter but I’m so excited to go!  Hot sun, pina coladas at the tiki bar, renting a motorcycle for a day, shopping.  It’ll be great.
My thoughts are really scattered today. I can’t really concentrate. I don’t know why, I got plenty of sleep.  Sometimes I just get like this. And the thoughts I’ve written about are exactly how my brain works, jumping from subject to subject.  Random thoughts that enter my head unprovoked.
Maybe I’ll ramble some more later.


Blogger April said...

I worried for a long time about people finding out about my blog. But then I realized that nothing I was saying about others was stuff I wouldn't say to their face! My most sensitive stuff was about myself. Like you said, I just try to be honest.

And you know what? When I started commenting on other people's blogs my stats went way up, so if you want more readers you could try that?

3:12 PM  

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