Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Things that are frustrating me today...

1. I can't get the kennel on the phone. I'm supposed to take my dog there Friday, and haven't been able to confirm.
2. Cramps.
3. People who call me about a computer problem, and then swear at me when I tell them to reboot. Sorry. It's the first thing to try. And I sure as hell am not going to walk over there to do it for you.
4. My boss brought his dog to work and I can't.
5. My ankles are swelling and I forgot to take my water pill.
6. I need to go get my hair colored after work, but be home by 8 - in time for the cable guy who says he'll be there at 8 with the new box but probably won't show until 10.
7. I need to go grocery shopping and shampoo my carpets.
8. Spreadsheets.
9. Haven't had sex in 3 days. Only one time was my fault. I fell asleep...
10. Cramps. Did I mention that?


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