Thursday, July 15, 2004


I had this dream last night that I was working at the bar again. I was coming in for the late shift and KT was just getting off. The place was a disaster. There were tables pushed all over, plates and silverware everywhere. KT had the water running to fill up the sink and I forgot about it. For some reason, even though the place was a mess and was really busy, I ended up standing in the corner talking to someone for like an hour and wasn't serving anyone. Someone kept going behing the bar with a mop and I didn't know why. Finally I realized that people were waiting for me to serve them.

There were two guys, a lady and her son sitting at a table by the door. I made it back behind the bar and the two guys wanted another pepsi in a glass. But all the glasses were dirty. I figured out that the guy that kept going behind the bar was mopping up the water that kept overflowing from the sink that KT left on. I remember wondering why he didn't just turn off the water.

I got two glasses cleaned and one guy wanted fountain pop and the other wanted it from a can. I gave the pop to them and they said to forget it because I took too long. They laid a $10 bill on the bar and walked to the back. I remember wondering if the $10 was for me, but why would I get a $10 tip if I didn't serve them fast enough, so I figured it must be for the pepsis for the lady and her son. I gave them the pop and it looked weird, like it was all watered down or something. The kid took it anyway and drank it.

Now. What was that all about? I am particularly wondering about the place being in total disarray and me just ignoring it. The bar was set up exactly like it really is. The only person I knew was KT. And apparantly I was worried about it because I felt stressed when I woke up.

I dunno...


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