Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Ramble On...

Ramble On....
Well, I hope everyone had a nice holiday. My weekend started out nicely, kinda sucked for a while at the end, but then got better again. Friday we had an unhealthy greasy dinner at the bar. Yummy! Then went to the Rally. It's this thing they do in town where a band comes in and plays and you have to buy tickets to get expensive beer. The bands aren't always that good, or the sound isn't, but it's nice to be outside and run into people you don't always see.

Saturday was a poker run. It took us all over - more than 100 miles. Pig roast at the last stop. Of course I didn't win, but I never win anything. I discovered that day how badly some of the women in our group of friends get of my nerves. One lady who has just started hanging with us, was really obnoxious. She has an annoying, screechy voice anyway, and when she drinks, it just gets worse. She's kind of a dingbat, I don't know if she did a lot of drugs or what but she just seems spaced out a lot of the time. 42 years old (we know because we went to her birthday party where her 18 year old got trashed on BV and puked all over the yard. Good mom). Anywho, she's 42, about 85 pounds, and partying like a, well, 18-year old whose mother lets her drink. We leave the 3rd stop, and by now she is pretty toasted. So she's walking out and the pizza place next door has a sign out on the sidewalk. She proceeds to trip on the sign, fall down on the sidewalk, and break the sign. She gets up and runs out into the street with her arms up shouting something like "Woo hoo! Did you see that? That was me!" Then she takes of her shirt to reveal her gold bikini top, and the stretchmarks on her tanless skin. Ick.

Now, I'm sure everyone is thinking I'm a real bitch. Normally I am not this mean about people's appearances (I know I'm no prize either), but this woman rubbed me the wrong way this weekend.

She started hanging around us after one of our other friends met her in another bar and invited her to hang out with us. This girl has a tendency to do that, she's kind of too nice sometimes. So like a lost puppy this woman starts hanging around, and I see her sizing up all the guys in the group. She decides to lock her sights on Big M and S. Big M is the sweetest, nicest, most caring and sensitive man. S is the laid back, go with the flow, sleep with all the girls type. S dated J for a long time. J also dated NY M, who is now dating T who is the girl that brought this new woman around. And J is kind of back with S. It's a weird group. Almost like swingers but not quite.

Anyway, the new woman decides she likes these 2 guys. But now that J is back in the picture, she backed off and decided to go out with Big M. I remember after their first date we saw them at the Rally and she acted like she didn't even know him. She told me he wasn't her type. But now, these two are together all the time. And Friday night, while she is there with Big M, she told me how much she likes S and how she would fuck him in a heartbeat, and she thinks they have so much in common, but she really doesn't want to hurt Big M. and she has to try to control herself around S. That kinda pissed me off.

So I told T about it Sunday night (we had a little fire and wine) and she has now decided it is her mission to confront the hussy about it. Can't wait to see how that turns out. Hope I'm not there when it happens.

Enough for now. But I feel chatty today...


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