Thursday, April 27, 2006

Pain, Drunkenness and Poo. In that order...

The pinch in my shoulder blade is still there, if anyone cares. I'm sitting here smelling like Vick's Vaporub because I had Mr. stick one of those stinky Icy Hot pads on the offending muscle/nerve/whatever. I don't think it is helping, but my nasal passages are nice and clear from inhaling the menthol all morning. I am not enjoying smelling like an old person though.

A bit of advice to the single ladies...

If you have just recently started seeing a new guy, who just recently got out of a bad relationship because the previous woman was too immature to handle the relationship, dO NOT sit at the bar all afternoon after blowing off work when you have already made dinner plans with said guy. That is not such a good impression. You know, especially the part where you pass out after returning home and don't hear him knocking on your door for 20 minutes. Seriously.

D-pup's poo seems to be better. Of course we thought that yesterday and then she had a relapse. She has a vet appointment scheduled for today that we can cancel, should she decide to stay solid. They didn't seem overly concerned when Mr. called, so that's good. I think it's from all the damned acorns she eats. They're everywhere. I keep trying to explain to her that she is not a squirrel, but she just won't hear it. Denial.

Happy HNT. Maybe one of these weeks I'll actually post a picture for it.


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