Monday, April 10, 2006

Thoughts, Observations, and Even a Little Advice...

Do not drink shots. Ever. You will not feel nice the next day. Even if the shot is called "pineapple upside down cake" and tastes just like one. Especially if the shot is called "snakebite". Fortunately, I took my own advice on this one the night the snakebites occurred.

Shut the garage door when you see a tripped out girl staggering down the street on a Sunday evening, muttering and moaning to herself, wearing dirty white pants. Do this immediately after seeing her spin around in the road, apparently wondering where she is, and then seeing her approach the neighbor's house and deciding she should sit there on the front porch. If you haven't closed the garage door yet because you are in total shock and awe and are just standing inside your fence, mouth agape, wondering what the fuck kind of people are in your neighborhood, then PLEASE do it after she sits on the neighbor's porch. You know, right about the same time she starts staring at her hands like she's wondering where they came from, but before she flops her head down between her knees and yells 'HI KITTY KITTY KITTY!" to the neigbor's cats hiding under the porch. Seriously. Walk over there and push the button on the garage door opener, because you don't want someone who is tripping that bad to just wander inside your house. I wish I would have had my video camera.

It is never going to get warm out. Ever. It was 29 degrees when I left the house today.

Instead of moving West in a few years, we are thinking of moving South. South was kind of what I always wanted originally. Yay!

It's kind of shitty when the place you work for will compensate other people who work from home for their high speed internet connection, but not their network admin. Don't you think?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have first hand recent experience with them snake bites.... I only had three i swear! well ok two, but it kicked my ass! imagine that

7:30 PM  

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