Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy VD

Someone sent that in an email to our office today. Ew.

How many women out there pretend to not care about Valentine's Day when they really do? I really wonder what the numbers are on that. How many say, "Oh NO, honey. We don't have to do anything. Don't even get me a card. It's a silly holiday anyway." But what they really mean is "You better get me something or I am going to be a total bitch and not tell you why." I'll bet the percentage of women who say they don't care when they really do is higher than say, Sweetest Day. That really is a Hallmark holiday. Even with that holiday though, I still hear many women say they don't want anything.


A lot of those women who say they don't want anything, but secretly do, probably aren't really hoping for a huge surprise, like a shiny right-hand ring or a Lexus, but I'd be willing to bet that they are just a little bit disappointed at the end of the day if they didn't get at least a box of chocolates or a card. And some really do want the Lexus. With a right-hand diamond ring tied to the shifter.

I know this because I heard several women in my office, just a few minutes ago, talking about flowers. I was walking around doing my annual equipment inventory check (so fun!) and caught on to the conversation. It seems that someone had flowers and balloons sent to them, but the women downstairs didn't know who they were for. They all pretended they didn't care, but then the truth subtly came out.

"My husband used to do that, but we've been married for years now, so it's really not important anymore," said one of the older workers.

"My fiance sent me a nice arrangement last year," chimed in a younger one, to be married this fall.

"Oh yes," said the older of the two, "I remember. Those were so pretty. I remember that. There were so many colors in it."

"Well, my divorce is final tomorrow," said another younger, but bitter, worker. "So I KNOW I'm not getting any."

Now I think that if a woman didn't care, she wouldn't mention it. She wouldn't have said, "They're probably yours!" to me as I was walking past. She wouldn't have asked me to see if I could see where they were when I went back upstairs, after I said "No, they aren't mine. I haven't seen them." She wouldn't have been sitting down there wondering if maybe the flowers were for her, and maybe the girl up front just hadn't brought them down to her desk yet.


She wouldn't talk about it or wonder "Where are those damn things, anyway???".

And she certainly wouldn't write about it in her blog.


Blogger THE SCRIBE said...

My fiance and I have been so busy painting the house, she said lets nor worry about V-Day. But know that I've read your post, I think I'm gonna be in trouble when I show up empty handed. Great!!!hahaha

4:57 PM  

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