Friday, May 06, 2005

I need some sexy luvin'...

PMS makes me feel so gross. Fat, ugly, undesirable, useless, lazy. You name it, if it's negative, that's how I feel. Anything can set me off. Anything. I blow everything out of proportion.

He isn't touching me right now. He thinks I'm gross.

He didn't watch me take off my robe. He doesn't love me anymore.

He is going to sleep! He must have found someone (insert any word here: younger...prettier...smarter...sexier...) than me.

Oh yeah. Totally irrational.

And to the male species, I appear to be a complete lunatic. Absolutely psychotic. Bi-polar even.

I can cry at the drop of a hat. Songs, commercials, dead animals in the road, can all make me cry right now. I do believe this is where the term "no use crying over spilled milk" came from. Some poor PMS-y woman was trying to pour milk into her coffee and spilled it on her newly mopped floor and just broke down and lost it.

I didn't have this problem for a long time. When I was on Depo (which I recommend to absolutely NO ONE), I didn't have any of these mood swings. For 9 years. I hadn't had a period since I was 19. I forgot about all of this crap.

Men think women are nuts.

We can't help it.

At least I can't. I KNOW that I am not thinking normally right now. I can tell myself that. But I can't make myself believe it.


I know I can't be the only one. Otherwise there wouldn't be so many PMS jokes. Or nasty comments like "Are you on the rag?" I really HATE that one. As if we have a choice. Because believe me, no woman in her right mind would choose to have sore boobs, bleed every month, have cramps, and these God awful mood swings that keep her from being in her right mind!!!!



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