Wednesday, May 03, 2006

What I think today...

If you come in to work and check your email first thing in the morning, and you read an email about a problem, do not panic and respond to me until you have read through ALL of your emails to make sure it hasn't been resolved. Otherwise you will waste my time telling me something I have already figured out. I dislike when I have to respond to you telling you to see my next message.

If you don't know me, and you sit down next to me in a public place, and you start telling me how you are a reiki master and prescription medications are ALL BAD and homeopathy has been around for thousands of years and gluten is evil and your son had ADD until you made him eat grain bread instead of wheat and he ISN'T EVEN EVER TIRED ANYMORE AFTER LUNCH (!!) and your husband is NEVER in a bad mood anymore because he eats the grain too, well, I AM going to think you are a flake. Not a corn flake, because, you know, corn is contaminated, but a grain flake, at least. Please. How about a nice cup of shut the fuck up?

If you break up with your girlfriend, and you get a brand new girlfriend, it is not your business anymore what your old girlfriend is doing. Ever. At all. You should not send her anymore text messages. You should not tell her to quit being "googly-eyed" with the new person she is dating. You should not tell her it is too soon for her to love someone else. Especially if you had the new girlfriend BEFORE you disposed of your old girlfriend AND you also do all of the above in front of your old girlfriend. It's the pot calling the kettle black, my friend, and you should never, ever do that. Oh, and by the way, your friends are starting to think you are a really big jerk. So knock it off. Crybaby.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

well, I think you have some sorta animal magnetism that attracts all of the lunatics! Also, i think mr x is on borrowed time before white truck comes unglued. Personally i will be amazed if white truck can keep it together. All of the shit going on in the dudes life is all got to get out... Years ago, it would of been deed by now... Kudos to white truck for reigning in that explosive temperment..........

Hope your mr liked the picture, see you all later... i am going home for a long weekend! cya

9:40 AM  

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