Thursday, April 06, 2006

Friday yet???

It is 8:55 AM and already I have pretended to be someone else so as to get international roaming on their mobile phone account, dealt with crazy, hard-to-understand IP Phone settings, and have been told that people can't call another, unrelated mobile phone. And I was told that by the person, after I called them on the phone that they say doesn't receive calls.

1. When did I become a phone guy?
2. I hate phones now. With a big, bloody passion.

My rock has decided that perhaps He is just a bit tired of hearing me complain. Because I do complain. A lot. It's the end of winter, I'm tired of having nothing to look forward to after work, but He just DOESN'T WANT TO HEAR IT.

I know it's my fault, but dammit. Things are really bothering me right now. And I can't even whine and complain to the one person who is supposed to make me feel all better. Just by saying it will be ok and not actually fixing things. Because guys, when a woman is that upset, she doesn't want things fixed, she just wants SOMEONE TO LISTEN. Someone to say "oh honey. Don't be that way. It will all be ok." For me, those 5 magic works are enough to snap me out of it. To get me to tell myself, "it WILL be ok. It is crappy now, but it will go away." And then I feel all better inside.

But no more. The rock HAS HAD ENOUGH.

So I complain to the innernets.

Pathetic, I am.


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