Thursday, March 16, 2006

It's like this and that and like this and uh...

If you ever lose a wallet, let me know and I will send D-pup over. First, cancel all of your credit cards, get a new license and worry about who found it. Then give her about 2 months, have a few drinks, and the next thing you know she will be on your bed chewing on it. There will even be some dollars in it. But she won't tell you where she found it.

Girls don't like it when you kiss the guy they are interested in. Whether you are married or not. They WILL give you the stink eye. Poo on them, I'm no threat, he's my friend and I'm touchy-feely.

I got a spanky. Yay! (I should NOT crack my knuckles. Mr. HATES that.) Oh, but it has been SO long and it hurt SO good. That stinging kind that makes your breath catch in your throat. I subbed out immediately. That hasn't happened it a long while. I had forgotten how peaceful it is.

And AND AND I have to put my collar back on. When I get home anyway, I don't think I should wear it to work. Do you even know how long it has been for that? DO YOU? Do you even know how excited I am about that? No! You don't! But I am! So! Happy! About it!

And, (I don't think you are supposed to start sentences with And) if you don't understand...well I'm sorry. But I don't care. Because it makes me feel so good. Like I don't have to worry anymore. It's so nice.



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