Thursday, April 06, 2006

Random Ramblings...

I like the flip-flops. I think they look fun. The new styles are all flashy, with beads and sparklies. They are very inexpensive too, so you can have lots and lots of them. But I can't have any. Why? Because I CANNOT STAND to have that little thing between my toes. It drives me nuts. I can't wear toe rings either. It's ok though, I have ugly feet and really shouldn't show them off.

As far as pronunciation goes, the word Arabica, you know, the coffee bean? Do you say Ah-RAB-i-ca, or AIR-a-BEE-Ca? I say AIR-a-BEE-Ca. The people on the radio do not. And they should know. Because they are on the radio. And, like, talk for a living.

If you send me an email, and I walk past your desk after you have sent said email, it is not necessary to tell me "I sent you an email and it says this..." Really. It kind of defeats the purpose.

Our weather forecast for this area in the loverly state of Ohio has snow flurries in the forecast for Saturday. Snow. Flurries. Onasaturday. Seriously. Why can't we have a nice weekend? I would be so happy with sunny and 60s. God love my parents for only making it this far south after leaving Alaska. This must have seemed like paradise to them. To me? Not so much.

D-puppy discovered the wonderful world of squirrels yesterday. I was unable to witness this amazing encounter, however, Mr. R was able to give me a delightful play-by-play. Apparently D-puppy was outside in the fence and a squirrel ran halfway up the trunk of one of our pine trees. D-pup spotted it immediately, reared up on two legs and let out a mighty Bar-Rar-Rar-Rar-Raoooooh at the squirrel. The squirrel was paralyzed with fear, it must have been upon seeing the pug preparing for a vicious assault, for it remained frozen in its position on the side of the tree. Mr. R called to D-pup "What is that D-pup?". She turned her head toward him, still on her hind legs, big eyes bulging as if to say "I don't know dad. What IS it?" She is a killer. I'm telling you.

1 hour left.


Blogger Lady Calliah said...

Omg, I totally hate those between-the-toe sandles too - really leaves aLOT out for us poor between-the-toe-fetish chicks, doesn't it :(

1:54 PM  

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