Monday, July 11, 2005

And over here...

They stood in a large furnished bedroom.

"When we first started out here this was all the club was. It started out very small but has since greatly expanded. There is no door. Anyone can come into this room to watch or join. Anything goes," she chuckled. "In the back, is another smaller room, with a door that locks."

After a more lengthy description of the club rules and non-rules, she led them back down the steps.

"And this part you have already seen. You have already met the bartender, right?"

Heads nodded.

"As you are aware, we serve no alcohol, but you are more than welcome to bring whatever you like to drink. We have all the mixes, and soda and water for those that choose not to drink. The bartender has an amazing photographic memory. As long as you give your drinks to him when you get here, he will remember you for the rest of the night. And absolutely no drugs are allowed in here. If drug use is spotted you will be permanently banned."

She led them past some tables and the entrance, and showed them where the bathrooms were. Then she opened what looked like an exit door.

"Down here is the rest of the club. There are six rooms here to the left, with doors and working locks. If you leave the door open, any one can enter. If you do not lock the door, anyone can enter. If the door is locked, it means 'Do not disturb'."

The rooms were all nicely decorated with different themes. There was also a shower room, and a unisex bathroom. Above was a voyeur platform, but it wasn't ready for use. "Hopefully within a couple of months," she said.

She led them back out into the hallway past several leather couches. At the end of the hallway was an open room. A large sectional couch was in the back of the room. In the front was a swing.

He looked at her and she smiled back at Him. "That looks like fun," she whispered.

Linda heard and said "Oh yes. That is very fun."

Behind them was another door. "What's in there?"

"Ohhhhh. That's our dungeon. Once a month the dungeon is open. There are all kinds of things to do in there. There is a dungeon master that gives lessons if you like. And there are all kinds of toys in there, many things I've never seen before."

"Once a month?" she asked.

"Yes. On Saturdays. You'll see it on the calendar on the website. Some people don't like that kind of thing, but some do. Like I said, anything you want can happen here!"

She smiled at Him and said, "We may have to come back for that."

"OK! Well, that's the tour! Do you have any questions? No? OK. Well, I'll let you get back to the party now. Enjoy! And if you have any questions or need anything, just let me know!"

They walked back down the hallway to the main part of the club for another beer.


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