Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Not much of a post

Stressed. Must make list.

Whenever I feel overwhelmed, I usually make a list and it makes me feel a little better. Especially when I get to cross that first thing off. (I usually put something really easy on the list with the stuff that's really bothering me so I can be sure to cross something off quickly.

So here comes my list. Some of these things are really bothering me. Some are just in the back of my mind, but because of the things that are really bothering me, they seem bigger than they really are. Some of these things you will probably make say 'This girl is a nut. I have much worse things going on in my life. She has nothing to be stressed about.' But remember, other's peoples problems NEVER seem as big or as bad as your own. Because you don't have to deal with them.

So this is my therapy. Leave me alone.

1. Call the kennel.

Again. Because she NEVER calls me back. Because she's not really running a kennel. She boards my dog because it's related to her dogs. Why don't I find another kennel? Do you know how many times I've had this conversation?

"Hi, do you have an opening to board a dog for the dates of {dates}?"

"Yes, we do."

"Great, could I board my dog there?"

"What kind of dog is it?"

"A rottweiler."

"Oh. I don't know. We don't... uh... well... you see..."

It's OK. Breed discrimination from a kennel. I don't want to take my dog to a kennel that discriminates against breeds. Who was it that was talking about racial profiling? Ah, yes, Jack.

My dog is not a killer attack dog. True, she can't be around other dogs. That's why she needs to be in a KENNEL when I am out of town. If she could be around other dogs I would just schlep her over to my mom's and leave her there. But she would squash my mom's poor little sausage-on-legs. But I know some dogs that aren't Rottweilers that can't be around dogs, and I know some Rottweilers who are so super mellow nothing you do gets them upset. So quit it.

I have to call her again, hope I catch her, and she'll say 'Oh, yeah, that's fine. You know where to put her in case I'm not here when you drop her off.'

2. Go tanning.

Leaving in less than 4 weeks. I look like Casper. Horrible. Not to mention the fact that I will FRY the first day on the beach if I don't have some sort of color going on before I get there.

3. Go to the grocery store.

(Told ya I have to put an easy one on there...)

4. Slumber party?

R's oldest is grounded. When her grounding is up, she wants to have a slumber party. At our house. With 5 disrespectful, giggly, loud, 14 year old girls. Yes I know all of that is normal at 14. I was like that at 14 (a little more respectful - honestly) However, this idea did not seem to shock R as much as it did me. Why? Oh, perhaps because He has had 14 years to adjust to the idea of girls having noisy slumber parties in His house. I haven't had all that long to adjust to this stuff. No gradual change from diapers to walking to talking to growing up. Nope. Just hey, here's a teen and a pre-teen. Deal with them. No warming up period for you. I don't even have my own kids to compare to help me deal. Gah!

Pass the aspirin. Or the bottle...

5. Make a list for vacation.

A list where making a list is on the list. Counter-productive?

But seriously. I need to figure out if my summer clothes fit, or if I need to get new clothes. Of course, they better fit or R will beat my ass. Well, not really. Damn. I could probably use that. Stress relief, ya know?

I need film. Suntan lotion. Money? That means waiting for the tax refund to be deposited. I need new shoes. Not really, but I haven't gotten a new pair of sandals in years and really want some new ones. I did get a pretty sundress to wear one day. But I have NO SHOES to wear with it. Oh, the atrocity!

Well, I guess that's not a really long list. I'm not going to sit here and try to come up with more things that are bothering. That would be counter productive for sure.

Maybe I just need some good lovin' to relax me.

The quiet, shh-the-kids-are-in-the-next-room limited activities are not cutting it.


Blogger Anonymous Midwest Girl said...

Ah, lists. Therapy for the rest of us.

Sometimes, I make lists with things I've already done, just to cross it off:

1. Wake up

YES! Done!


11:06 AM  

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