Thursday, December 30, 2004


To all of my co-workers:

Unless you are also my friend, meaning you speak to or see me during non-working hours for non-work related reasons, including but not limited to consuming large quantities of alcohol, it is none of your damn business how I plan my second marriage festivities and whom I plan to involve in those festivities.

Do not tell me that the children will resent me if they are not included in a wedding ceremony I am not even planning on having just because you were upset when your parents remarried.

Do not tell me that they need to be included in the vacation destination of our honeymoon, or non-honeymoon.

Do not tell me I have to wear a dress, or cannot wear a dress, or should or should not wear a veil. I don't know what I am wearing yet and do not need your assistance in making that decision. If I decide to get married naked sucking on His dick while I try to muffle out the words "I do", then that is my prerogative.

Do not tell me that my family has to be involved or they will be resentful. They got to control one wedding AND marriage already. It is my turn to be happy.

If I don't want a big huge setting to wrap around my already very sparkly engagement ring and decide I only want a plain wedding band, I am perfectly entitled to do so. If you want me to have a big huge setting that badly, you may purchase it for me and I will in turn sell it on ebay and take the profits with me on my next vacation to purchase lots of souvenirs.

Do not decide on a date. Last time I checked that decision should be made by the 2 people involved in the future marriage.

Do not decide where we should go to get married. We are perfectly capable of selecting where we want to do this. You won't be there anyway.

You are not interested, caring, or concerned. You are nosy. I do not tell you what to do in your personal lives that I am not involved in. Leave mine alone.

I have known for 6 days now that I will be marrying R. We do not have all of the details worked out. All I can tell you is there will be no ceremony involving lots of guests, and you will not be invited.

Perhaps you should just say congratulations and leave it at that if you cannot keep your unwelcome suggestions to yourself.

If I need your assistance I will ask you for it.

Thank you for understanding, and please shut the fuck up.


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