Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Walk this Way...

She looked around at the people there. It wasn't very busy yet. She wondered if everybody knew everybody else, and if everybody knew that they were new. She took another swig of her beer, waiting for her confidence level to rise.

Glancing around, it looked like any other club. It was dark, with lights flashing to the music over the raised dance floor. It had kind of a gothic decor, with gargoyles and suits of armor scattered around the walls and corners. There was a single pool table to use, free of charge. A full service bar. Several tables. Leather couches. A DJ booth. A huge projection TV screen. With porn playing.

A young couple was shooting a game of pool. She decided that looked like something that might make her feel more comfortable, doing something they've done before.

"When they are done, you wanna shoot a game?" she asked.

"You're not going to let me relax for a minute, are you?"

He sounded a little bitey when He said that, but she knew it was His nerves. Unfortunately, she was drawing her strength from Him, and if He was nervous, then she was too.

He must have seen that in her eyes. They finished their beer, and He sent her for two more. After she returned, He asked her if she still wanted to shoot a game.

They walked over to the table, and asked the young couple if they were finished. He racked, she broke, if you could call it that. They didn't play very well. It had been a while since they last played, and they were both still a little nervous. Eventually, they loosened up a bit, goofing off with each other, complete with her whining when He wouldn't let her play slop.

"Everyone plays slop here," the young man in the corner said, laughing.

They both giggled at the the meaning behind that, and He shot again. Knocked in His last three balls and the 8-ball.

"Wanna play again?" He asked.


He started to rack, and a woman walked up behind them.

"You are new, right? First time here?"

Shit, she thought, everyone knows. How embarrassing.

"Yes," He answered. "First time."

"Ok then! Well, my name is Linda, and I'm going to show you around! Ready for a tour?"

"Sure. Hey man, table's all yours," he said rolling the pool cue across the table towards the young man.

"Let's go!"


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Spit it out!! Where were you? A sex club? (God, I'm so ignorant).

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