Friday, July 01, 2005

Welcome to the Club...

The directions were printed. They hopped in the car and were on their way. Nervous excitement surrounded them. After a long drive down the highway and a couple wrong turns, they arrived. They even got front row parking.

Ring the white doorbell. You will be buzzed in.


"Can I help you?"

A look to her said 'What do I say?'

She shrugged her shoulders and whispered "Just tell them we are here."

"We had reservations."

"Name please?"

"His name and her name"

"Ok. Great! I'll ring you in, just pull the door when you hear it buzz. Come up to the fourth floor"


Up the steps they went to find a girl with a members list and a brief form to fill out.

"Just fill this out. Tonight is free since this is your first time here. After tonight, you will be members and reservation confirmations will be sent to your email address."

They filled out their forms and entered the club. Only a few people were there. It was still early. They walked to the bar and handed the bartender their 12 pack. BYOB only. The bartender handed them two beers and put the rest in the cooler, making a mental picture of the two newcomers to remember which drinks were theirs.

They stood at the bar for a moment, unsure of where to sit. Finally they moved to a high top table next to the dance floor. She tried to keep a casual conversation going about work and other boring subjects to keep herself from being too nervous, and hopefully Him as well.


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