Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Today is Crap

I have 2 hours and 17 minutes to set up a workstation for a person starting tomorrow. Thanks for the advance notice, morons. You're lucky I have a spare machine and monitors to give them.


Accounting. Sucks. Ass.

There was an upgrade to the accounting module we use at work this week. I am not in accounting. I never used the old module. So my boss decides that "if anyone has any questions, just ask jAG." Yeah. Thanks a ton. It's not enough to get complaints about a system I know how to use. But one where I am totally clueless? That's nice. All week I have been getting questions about things that make no sense to me and today was one complaint after another.


Some people need to stop talking much sooner than they do.

"You're roses are pretty. What's the occasion?"

"Our anniversary was Monday."

"Oh, how nice, can I smell them?"


Now would have been a good time to end the conversation. But no...

"I came home last Friday and my husband had roses for me. Pink roses! I was like 'Thanks, finally after 12 years you realize that women like roses that aren't red! Red is so boring. We like other colors.'"


"Ok, well talk to you later. Gotta get back to work."


2 hours and 7 minutes. Better get to work.


Blogger evilsciencechick said...

HA! what a tool.

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