Saturday, June 11, 2005

Saturday, Late Morning

"I need a quickie. Go somewhere and take your shorts off and bend over so I can fuck you from behind."

What? Um, ok. Where's the kid? In her room watching TV with the door shut. OK. I gotta pee first.

I get up, go pee and come out of the bathroom. R is at the end of the hallway, checking on his youngest to make sure "she's ok". Meaning to make sure she isn't going to come out of her room anytime soon wanting something from Dad.

He shoves me into the bedroom, pulls down my little orange Old Navy sweat shorts and pushes me over the bed. I hear his shorts drop to the floor.

He rams his dick in me and pulls out. He rams it in me again. He starts thrusting, silently but hard and fast. I grip the comforter in my hands, and keep my mouth closed so I won't make a sound. He pumps in and out, harder and faster, and pulls my hair a little. I am so wet I am wishing this wasn't going to be a quickie. He puts His hands on my hips and thrusts even harder as He pulls me to Him. I love when His hands are on my waist like that. It makes me feel small and sexy. His cock feels so good, so hard. He keeps thrusting, and I know He's trying not to make a sound either. He whispers "Oh God baby, I'm gonna cum". but He doesn't pull out and spray it all over my face like He usually does. He pulls on my hips and holds me tight against Him and I can feel His cock pulsating, pumping His cum into me. He cums for what seems like a longer than usual, then releases me and hands me a t-shirt to clean myself up with.

He kisses me on the head and says "Sorry."

"For what?"

"For abusing you."

"No you're not."

He smiles, kisses me again, and says, "You're right."

I love when He owns me.


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