Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Another boring blog entry...

R's phone broke the other day. Ever since then, I have been getting uncontrollable urges to text message Him. Of course, I can't, so there is nothing I can do. Well I could, but He wouldn't get the messages. So I just sit and think of the different messages I could send Him. If His phone was fine, I wouldn't feel the need to send Him all these pointless, cutesy messages I have a tendency to inflict upon Him. I have also been thinking, "What if I NEED to CALL Him?" To which He responded, when I asked Him, "Call's K's phone." Fine. Except K's wife thought he was cheating on her a while back and what if SHE has HIS phone because he accidentally left it at home and she answers and thinks I'm his girlfriend?" She'll never buy the "Oh, R's phone broke and he told me to call K if I needed anything." Mmm-hmm.

Just little OCD behavior for you there.

I blame Sprint for this.


In other news...

D-puppy is doing well. She is clearly fully paper trained as she has not yet had an accident in the house, but her paper usually has a little present for me when I get home from work. Fine with me. She'll go outside too, but she can't get down the stairs to the door yet to tell us she wants out. She can get up the stairs after I let her back in, though. Once she can go down them, I'm going to see if I can teach her to paw at the door like Z-dog used to do. Of course, Z-dog was so humongous that it was more like someone knocking on the door, I don't know if I'd hear D-puppy.


Much to R's dismay, I turned on the furnace last night. That was just one of the many little things I did to get on His already frayed nerves. The whole dinner-wasn't-made-when-He-got-home thing didn't help either. Aaaaaaaaaaand I forgot to empty the diswasher. I pretty much just sat on my ass playing with the dog.

Bad wifey.

But I still don't understand why the furnace being on is a big deal. It was cold last night. Of course, I am a total freeze baby, and He is always hot, so I guess that's one reason. So here's me, in my new flannel jammies, and Him in shorts and a t-shirt with the sleeves cut off. And no socks! My toes would freeze and fall off!


Do you ever go longer than usual with no sex? Like when you are in a kind of sad, life sucks, why bother state? Then you start to worry about how everyone says getting married changes things, and oh my god it's only been like two months, but what if that happens and then he gets a girlfriend and I don't know about it but everyone else does and everyone laughs at me and.....

Whoa, OCD attack again.

It's fine. In fact, Sunday night was rock your world, can't last much longer fine! He told me to stop but I couldn't stop fine. Ooooh.

Just thinking about it makes me want to send Him a text message.



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